Hair extensions are added pieces of hair to add length and fullness to your natural hair. It looks best when texture and color match are flawless. We provide many different types of hair extensions and apply them in store.

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Weaves are extensions which are sewn in. There are many different types of weaves and we provide over 5 different techniques to achieve the look you want.

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Our salon specializes in protective styles, which include various types of braids. We match your hair to maximize hair growth and comfort-ability.

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Bella Blow-Dry

This is a walk-in service that we provide for our customers. Come in and get natural hair or extensions washed and blown out. Relax and we’ll do the work for you.

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Cut / Color / Style

We cut natural hair as well as hair extensions. We do hair treatments, color match with extensions and other services to achieve the look you want.

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Eyelash Extensions

Ch’i Lash eye lash extensions allow you to maintain your lifestyle. Sleep, swim, shower, exercise, use a sauna or steam room, or wake up to beautiful mink lashes. They are lightweight, comfortable, soft and natural.

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Smoothing Treatments

The treatment controls and inhibits the natural curl retention ability of the hair by bonding and relaxing the hair structure. The nutrients contained in this formula are applied in a process that infuses keratin proteins deep into the cuticle of the hair sealing in natural oil conditioners. The moisturizing fluids are retained in the hair for months.

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Hair Treatments

Bellazon Hair offers a variety of hair treatments!

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